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Sun 24

Universal Worship Service

September 24, 2017 @ 9:45 am - 10:45 am
Oct 01

Sacred Fire gathering

October 1, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
About Eureka Springs

About Eureka Springs

Looking for the BEST experiences in Eureka Springs?

We have created this event calendar site for the ‘Cultural Creatives’ and ‘Conscious Minded’ folks – those individuals who desire to be immersed in ‘experience’ more than distracted by entertainment or tourist attractions.

Trying to describe Eureka Springs, Arkansas to someone who has never spent a few days or more in this amazing little village of less than 2500 residents, is like the old story about the group of blind men (or men in the dark) who touch an elephant to learn what it is like.

Eureka Springs is a unique ‘happening’ place…it is possible to discover just about anything your imagination can conjure, especially in the area of the arts – visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, culinary and agri-arts – it’s all here awaiting your discovery. And we’ve included community fun, spiritual events, classes and workshops that enrich body, mind, and soul.

… you know what the king said in the end of the story of touching the elephant? Read more

Calendar Submissions

Calendar Submissions

You are invited to participate by contributing to the calendar of event submissions for this site…. if your events are open to the public and offer sustenance, inspiration, and exploration in the areas of interest to Cultural Creatives and Conscious-Minded Folks (Visual Art, Literary Arts, Performing Art: Music, Dance, Theater, Healing Arts, Agri-Arts, Movement, Spiritual, and Learn & Grow are the basic categories).

Whether you have a single, very special art event to promote or several on-going classes or workshops… Read about the options for submissions

January Featured Event: Sacred Fire Gathering Find Details
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Planning a Getaway EXPERIENCE? …for relaxation? ….for creative nurturing of spirit and body? Explore these offerings… uncover a variety of enriching experiences here in Eureka Springs. Create Your Own Custom ‘Package’… choosing one-on-one nurturing, healing, uplifting, and inspiring activities of wellness and creativity.

Contact these individuals to SCHEDULE your OWN exciting ‘Eureka Happening’!

Whether you are looking for a full day adventure or a week-end immersion, we are sure to come away renewed and revitalized.


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‘There are so many strange places I’d like to be/ but none of them permanently’ ~ Ernie, singing, in Sesame Street

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